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Snake Blast

Snake Blast is a classic snake game and maybe the best single player version of! Eat the dots, grow to a big monster snake and avoid enemy creatures.

Moto X3M 2

Moto X3M 2 is back!The great motocross racing game takes you to the cold snowy mountains, where you have to prove you're the best dirt bike rider ever., A new version of the super popular game is available now! Eat luminous balls and become the biggest snake on the entire game board.

Bus Simulator: City Driving

Bus Simulator: City Driving is a cool driving game that you can play here on zoxy games. Isn’t it everyone’s dream to rampage through the city in a huge bus and hurtle round corners at break neck speeds? You must jump into your huge bus and provide a pick up and drop off service around the city.  You must pick up passengers at different locations and refrain from killing any of them! Aside from caring for the passengers, you must also check your fuel levels and ensure that you have enough to get around the city. Can you maintain a level of professionalism and provide a first rate service to the citizens? Try out the various different levels and see how far you can progress! Keep in mind you have to refuel once in a while or your bus will run out of fuel in the middle of a trip. Of course, don’t hit other vehicles on the street and try to complete level after level to earn money for new vehicles. Enjoy Bus Simulator: City Driving! At, we urge you to be brave and overcome the fear to win this game. There will be fun moments while conquering this adventure. Other games on the website are also for free such as Ferrari Car Memory and Racing Road Block Controls:  Arrows / WASD to drive Press Space to handbrake

World War 2

Ever wanted to know what it is like being a war legend? Ever wanted to experience World War 2, riding across historical battlefields, fuel guzzling, cannonballing all your foes? Well in World War 2 at zoxy games action, you can play the tank commander of some of the mightiest armed forces of the past. How awesome is that? In World War 2, tanks were of utmost importance in military strategy. Armored vehicles became an essential force among the combatant nations. So buckle up commander! And prepare your tank battalion to dominate the battlefield! The addictive Dice Wars has been an atmospheric and historic-looking follow-up. World Wars 2 lets enjoy the tactical and strategic depth of the original in a brand new look with some exciting additional options. Guide your army through landscapes of World War II and conquer as much territory as you can. With the right strategy, smart tactical decisions and some luck of the dice, you too will soon have freed the continent! Have fun with World Wars 2! At, we urge you to be brave and overcome the fear to win this game. There will be fun moments while conquering this adventure. Other games on the website are also for free such as The Pyro Guy and Raze 2 Controls: Use the mouse to play this game is a superb multiplayer io game which is playable free zoxy games. You have been placed on an unknown planet and must mine the valuable resources you find on the surface. You control a mining craft and you must explore this strange planet and seek out wreckages and crystal points - mine resources from the wreckages and points and try to gather as much as possible.    Be sure to watch out for the guardians that guard the crystal points as they will try and stop you and destroy your mining craft! As you collect resources you can sell them for profit - use this profit to upgrade your craft with new equipment to improve your mining rate. You can also purchase drones that can protect your craft and fight the guardians. What are you waiting for, start mining today!   You may want to play more similar games like and Check out our site and you can find many different genres with a lot of fun games updated every day!   Controls: WASD or Arrows or left click to move Use left mouse button to interact

Angry Chickens

Angry Snakes io game that you can play here on zoxy io games. In this game you will control a flock of chickens (a chicken and small chickens). The chickens will follow each other and eat the eggs on the map. After eating food, chickens will get heavier and you will gain points. Try to get as many points as you can.   You will play with other players in the world because ANGRY CHICKENS is an online game. Note: If you hit the "body" of other players, you will lose. If other players hit your "body", their chickens will become pieces of sandwiches.   You must try and create the longest chicken train and try to defeat the other players - you can eliminate your opposition by forcing them to crash into your own chicken. Use the speed burst to your advantage and try to evade your enemies whilst laying traps for them. Can you rule the roost and create an immense chicken run?   You may want to play the following games: and Many genres with a lot of fun games are updated every day at our site and you can easily discover them with a few clicks.    Controls: The mouse to control the chicken's movement. is an epic and fast-paced multiplayer .io game that you can play here on zoxy games for kids. This title has similarities to the original retro Snake game that so many people enjoyed on their Nokia mobile phones. You must control a snake and collect food scattered around the map to grow in size - control your snake carefully and try to grow as large as possible. Be sure not to run into your own snake body otherwise you will die!    You must also try and take on your opponents and conquer them in the arena - try to encircle them and catch them unawares. You can only kill another player by making them crash into your snake body so act quickly and move fast! Watch out for other players too and try to avoid being outflanked! Can you create a monster snake and reign in the Snix arena?   Share this interesting game with your friends! You may want to play the following games: and Hundreds of games with many new and enjoyable things are waiting for you at, and you at an easily explore them with a few clicks.   Controls: Use the WASD or arrow keys to control the snake's movement. is a multiplayer drawing .io game that you can play here on zoxy club. One game consists of a few rounds in which every round someone has to draw their chosen word and others have to guess it to gain points! The person with the most points at the end of game will then be crowned as the winner!   You can draw any shape you want and they are all followed by physics rules when you draw your first line or polygon. Try to guess the English word faster than your opponents and earn the most amount of points possible. Ideally, tell your friends to join you and "fight" each other, entertainment is guaranteed and you will sometimes not believe what insanities are your friends able to draw. Have fun!   You can share the game with your friends today. This balancing game will definitely make you think a lot before making the final decision at Do not miss other interesting similar games anymore on our website as and The new world is waiting for you to discover the rules and special things.   Controls: Use the left mouse button to draw and the keyboard to give your guesses.

Are you seeking an adventurous, and highly addictive game? If so, agma is the right game for you. is a challenging and exciting .io game that you can play here on zoxy 3 games.  The game’s design is similar to the original game, and fans of this genre will like it. Registered users can accumulate coins, buy artifacts and special skills for fighting with other gamers. You control a single cell which you can customize with a variety of fun skins and your aim is to multiply, grow in size, and defeat your enemies. The movement of your cell is slow but you can increase rapidly in size by collecting the colored gems that are scattered on the floor.    You can split your single cell down into smaller units to collect gems quicker however this can make you an easy target for your enemies. You can also quickly re-combine your cells together if you are in trouble. This .io game has the added bonus of an in-game shop in which you can buy different skins and power-ups for your cell – you can purchase items using currency you collect during the game. Furthermore, Agma allows you to join a party and work together with your friends to conquer the arena. Can you create an impressive cell and consume your opponents?   You can share with your friends to join them and give the most accurate answers after you have discussed them. have many favorite games that you can hardly miss like and These games will surely be saved to your favorite games list today. Do not miss your ability and wisdom in this game.    Controls: Space bar to split W to shoot mass E to instant recombine (if you own the item)

The Pyro Guy

Without a single gun, use the explosives that you're equipped with to kill enemies & blow up levels. You also can play more action game at zoxy games

Head Hunter Reborn

Head Hunter Reborn is shooting game on zoxy 3. There are the worst criminals in this game so your goal is shooting them as many as you can. Be careful because you may shooting the wrong target. You just have one shoot so don't make mistake. is a fidget spinner .io game Zoxy 3 games.! Enter the arena and battle other players with your fidget spinner. You can choose its color and enter into exciting fights!

Minion At The Dentist

Minion At The Dentist is one of the game in seri Minion games on Zoxy 3. Minion has some problems with his dentist. In this game, you are a dentist and help him to fix his teeth. Try you best to help minion have a beautiful teeth. 


Infomation: You play as a Transformers and need to fight your way against waves of attacking robots ! Have fun to play game.

Transformers Coloring

In this game, you need to help Optimus Prime colour the picture the best you can, and for that you will have to use a lot of interesting and fun colours, or you can colour the picture to look very real, but for that you will have to make sure that you wi

Transformers Winter Motorcycle Racing

In this game, you  can help Optimus Prime to have successful racing, and for that you will have to be very careful and very fast to be sure that you will be able to win all the winter motorcycling races that you can attend to today.

Transformers Quest

. We are so excited to have the possibility to bring you these new games, because we want you to have the best time of your life within all these new interesting categories

Transformers Hidden Stars

We are very happy to see that you dear friends are having a lot of fun here on Zoxy, and for you to not stop playing our games, we have for you today a brand new Transformers games category game, in which you will have the chance to meet with all the Tran

Repair Your Transformers

That are in love with the Transformers, so today dear friends we have for you a new online game from this famous games category in which you will have the chance to meet again with a lot of your favourite characters

 Transformers Jigsaw 2

Today, you can see that we have prepared a new online game from the Transformers games category, in which you have to be careful in order to gain a lot of points. In this game, you dear friends will have to make sure that you can help the Transformers cha

Minion Gold Miner

Today, Minion want to become a minner. Help minion collect all the gold as fast as possible before the time runs out. Play quickly to get time bonus and reach higher levels but don't foget to avoid the rocks and Collect the shining gold first

Minion Jump Adventure

Minion Jump Adventure is fun game on Zoxy. Minion has a great adventure. Minion must jump on the platforms and try to get the top score high

Minion Island Adventure

Minion Island Adventure is one of the interesting Minion Game on Zoxy Club. Minion is on the special mission! He is at the Vector's tropical island. He must collect all the diamonds and go to the raft in order to complete the mission.

Talking Tom Eye Doctor

Talking Tom Eye Doctor is an interesting game on Zoxy 3. Talking Tom needs to go to the eye doctor! Test his vision by going through a series of tests, such as shape matching and typing the letters of the alphabet.

Apple Shooter

Apple Shooter is an online HTML5 game at Zoxy games. Grab bow and arrow and try to hit the apple on the head of your friend. Don't hit the buddy of your friend or the Apple Shooter game will end immediately.

Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels: The smash-hit game! Play with millions of players around the world and try to choose your inadequately prepared racer, and ignore severe consequences in your desperate search for victory.

Spiderman Robot City

.Spiderman is the online game on Zoxy. Spiderman in the strange city, you help him get out of the city and kill aliens, beware of the Spikes and collect items to accumulate points. Move and jump with arrow keys.

Anna Valentines Day Park Cleaning

Anna Valentines Day Park Cleaning:  Frozen Anna is strolling in the park with her beloved Kristoff on Valentine's Day and she notices that the park is filled with lots of litters and wastes.

Run Ninja Run 3

Go for your challenge in Run Ninja Run 3, the new sequel of the amazing, gripping distance game by Pyrozen. Help the dauntless ninja to make his way out of hostile territory while cruel enemies and dangerous carnivores are hunting you. Use collected gold

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash: Simple one touch game play with lots of levels that will keep you entertained for hours! You need to jump over all obstacles. Don't touch the spikes! Or you will have to restart!

Hill Racing 2

Drive as far as you can collecting bonuses and tons of coins to buy upgrades, hot vehicles and more challenging tracks. Just don't flip your car!

Desert Dirt Motocross

Desert Dirt Motocross: Prove your driving skills in this intense motocross racing game! Race across the hills and junk yards towards the finish line! You also can play Motocross Challenge.

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