Astro Race GamePlay:

Astro Race is an io racing game with a space theme at zoxy 3. Drive a supersonic spaceship and compete for first place against other players in this ultra-fast, ultra-futuristic racing game. You can blast ahead of other players and take the lead, keep it with aggressive driving, and score gold to be the best of the day if you use the boost function wisely. Drift along the track's edges to speed up and recharge your boost, collide with other players to keep them off balance, be aggressive, and win!

Do not forget to share this game with your friends. Join your friends now and play the game so you can challenge the agility of your hands. What do you think if you allow yourself to join another table to leave another great game  at zoxy3 games. Have fun!

Instruction to play:

Desktop Game Controls / Instructions: Left/Right Arrows = turn Up Arrow = boost 

Mobile Game Controls / Instructions: Tap on the left: turn left Tap on the right: turn right Tap on the left and on the right: boost

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