Bus Simulator: City Driving GamePlay:

Bus Simulator: City Driving is a cool driving game that you can play here on zoxy games. Isn’t it everyone’s dream to rampage through the city in a huge bus and hurtle round corners at break neck speeds? You must jump into your huge bus and provide a pick up and drop off service around the city. 

You must pick up passengers at different locations and refrain from killing any of them! Aside from caring for the passengers, you must also check your fuel levels and ensure that you have enough to get around the city. Can you maintain a level of professionalism and provide a first rate service to the citizens? Try out the various different levels and see how far you can progress!

Keep in mind you have to refuel once in a while or your bus will run out of fuel in the middle of a trip. Of course, don’t hit other vehicles on the street and try to complete level after level to earn money for new vehicles. Enjoy Bus Simulator: City Driving!

At http://zoxy3.net/, we urge you to be brave and overcome the fear to win this game. There will be fun moments while conquering this adventure. Other games on the website are also for free such as Racing Road Block


Arrows / WASD to drive

Press Space to handbrake