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Butterfly Connect is a free matching game similar to some online mahjong games, with challenging levels and an appealing theme. In this game, find the identical pairs of wings and join them together to complete the various butterfly types. This connect-2 game is perfect for a quick puzzle break or a longer journey. Venture into the forest to discover all of the butterfly species and finish the levels as quickly as possible.

To match the sets, use the mouse or touch screen to select two tiles with identical butterfly wings. You can join two wings together if they are next to each other. They can also be connected with a line, provided it makes no more than two 90-degree bends. Be sure to keep an eye on the timer, as you will need to finish the level before the time runs out! You regain a little bit of time for every correct match you make. Enjoy now at zoxy3 games.

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How to play: Mouse.

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