Connect Me GamePlay:

Experience in a very special kind of linking game. This is a kind of free puzzle game that you can play on your mobile phone with no need to pay anything. Please quickly press the play button now to open up for you a lot of fun.

Coming to this game Connect Me at Zoxy3 play games will be given a lot of blocks with heads together. You need to link these blocks so that they create a plug. You cannot link chunks.

You need to think about where to position this block properly and correctly. Then you can unlock the levels behind. You should join the game with lots of blocks and complete a difficult task. After that, the number of quests required a lot. So you need to observe and move them accordingly.

Create safe roads that you can travel without having to encounter any obstacles. Let’s quickly explore the game to move blocks together. Be agile in finding a place to connect quickly and don't miss this good time. You will have a smarter brain when solving puzzles with the blocks that the game requires.

When connecting the plugs. Have more fun in these challenges and unlock many more interesting things that await you in the following levels.

Do not hesitate that please share the game with your friends. Along with his friends join now on the game Connect Me at Zoxy puzzle games to find each other a lot of experience into a few other similar interesting game genres Pumpkin Monster at http://zoxy3.net/.

Control: Use mouse to move the block together with the position.

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