Dead Red GamePlay:

Search groups to find survivors after an extremely harsh battle. What are you waiting for without allowing yourself to participate in the game Dead Red at Zoxy 3 right now to unlock a lot of interesting things that only exist in this game? You will shoot all the zombies that have appeared in this empty land.

This place is very dark and dark. So the fight and extremely difficult. What you need to do now is observe and use your gun. Accurately capture the position of the Zombie in the very far direction and their number is very large.

You need to be as agile as possible. Otherwise, they will come close to you and the risk of being destroyed is very high. Their teammates appear a lot. You need to be able to watch and watch the sale quickly. If you are slow you will not be able to be the area leader in this game.

Shoot the zombies closest to you. Don't let them come near you or bad things will happen. Quickly shoot a gun to bring yourself a certain victory possible. The more zombies you can kill, the higher your score will be. Let's shoot the required number and finish the level.

Unlock the next level to buy a few more powerful weapons. A lot of blood and gore appeared on a zombie corpse. But it's also fun when you win. If you are passionate about horror shooting games then unlock it now in this game Dead Red at Zoxy3 action.

 With the most devastating guns and kill among the zombies in a land. Have more fun in this game with your friends. Explore a few more interesting game genres like Dragon Shadow Battle : Super Hero Legend at http://zoxy3.net/

Control: use mouse to shoot all the zombies.

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