Drac & Franc: Dungeon Adventure GamePlay:

Drac & Franc is a horror-themed 2-player platform-adventure game, where small and cute versions of the genre's favorites, Dracula and Frankenstein become the two avatars that the players have to assume control of and go on an adventure in the dungeon, where there are even more dangerous monsters than them. Let's see what this is all about, no?

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We cordially invite you to join Dracula and Frankenstein in the game «Drac & Franc: Dungeon Adventure» and aid them on their arduous journey! The characters are incredibly different from one another, but they work well together and go through several adventures as a team. And only by carefully applying each of their talents they will be able to deal with them.

Controlling key:

Use WASD for one character, and the ARROWS for the other,

using them to move and jump with the two monsters.

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