Fruit Mahjong GamePlay:

Fruit Mahjong on Zoxy 3, also known as Shisen Sho, Pao Pao, or Connect 2, is a soothing matching puzzle game based on Mahjong. Maintain your mental acuity! It's a simple and addicting game with no bloatware.

- There are three game modes to choose from.
- Playing styles that are both relaxing and difficult
- Both vintage and contemporary Onet levels
- Simple to play - No lives or energy constraints
- Play at your own pace
- Extremely small game size
- Leaderboards to compete against other players

Lots of interesting things you should not keep for yourself but share this game for your friends and invite them to the game to win. Experience adding a few other interesting game genres like Lof Blocks at https://zoxy3.net/

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