Jumbled Puzzle GamePlay:

A picture is cut into pieces and its position is swapped. Your task is to move the pieces of the puzzle so that they return to the correct position and complete the picture. Very simple, right?

However, you must be able to remember the original shape of the picture. The more levels later, the difficulty of the shapes will be more complicated.Don't worry, the more complete pictures you can put together, the more points you will get, use those points to change the power of help when you can't remember any more.

Revealing it to you, the faster you complete the challenge, the more points you will score.This game is not a bad idea for those who want to practice memory. You can play online for free at Zoxy3 games.

It’s truly a great experience and your need for speed will be satisfied. Have fun and check out other games such as Knights And Brides and Ludo.

Controls: Use mouse to fininish game.

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