Murder.io GamePlay:

Mass murder is your mission to perform in the game. Could this make you extremely interesting? If you like to participate in adventure games or kill people, this is a good opportunity for you. Please join in this game Murder.io at Zoxy3 action to find yourself the certain fun that can compete with your opponent.

Your goal is just to kill. Let's move into a place where there are a lot of people here and blow them to the ground. Then you will be able to destroy these enemies. When you fail then you will unlock towards the next level.

Go to the toilets, kitchens and all the places where there are people in this place. Do not let them escape but move together to where they are and destroy you. Do not miss anyone.

Otherwise, you will not be able to complete the task given by the game. You will be able to release a lot of stress when participating in the mission without having to worry about anything. Nobody can be your opponent because you are a serial killer. Show off a lot of your skills in the game giving yourself some safety.

You can completely comfortably move into the new land without fear of any goals. Because they have no weapons. Invite your friends to participate in this game Murder.io at Zoxy 3 online to explore and become murderers. Even more fun in a few other similar game genres Splishy Fish at http://zoxy3.net/.

Control: Use the arrow keys to be able to move your character away to kill.

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