Penguin Ice Breaker GamePlay:


Break the ice with this lovely board game! 46 non-threatening questions and interactive activities get groups mixing, talking, thinking and learning about one another. Traditional roll the dice participation games ensure that the quietest player has a turn to speak with a one-minute timer to ensure a continuous pace is kept.

Penguin Ice Breaker is a puzzle game on Zoxy3 girl games. In this game, you need to break the Iceberg and finish the level But keep in mind that icebergs have a count just not that count, and jump that number of times to break the icebergs. Looks easy but it's difficult to play. Enjoy and have fun!

We also update many new games for online game players around the world similar to this game like Diamond Match or Inversion 2048. You will complete and achieve the best result to relax after every stressful working hour.

Game controls: 

Use arrow keys to move and jump.

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