Pixie Accident ER GamePlay:

Tinker Bell, one of the most loved pixies living in the magical forest, had a terrible accident while she was spoiling herself with a late-night playful flight among the bloomed trees. She bumped into a gorgeous cherry tree and now she’s in the ER patiently waiting for her doctor to take care of her sore body. So hurry up girls and join her in getting started with the Pixie Accident ER doctor game zoxy and begin by taking her blood pressure.

Put an oxygen mask on her face to help her breathe and then make sure you give her perfusion with vitamins to give her all the nutrients she needs to regain her strength. Next, wipe her body with a delicate towel and then use a magnifying glass to look into her wounds and destroy all the bacteria with a laser to prevent infections. Then use a needle and thread to sew the wounds and finish by applying a bandage on it. Now that her wounds are treated, she still needs to take a vaccine to prevent future illnesses from happening. But before that, you should take her temperature, listen to her heart and give her a pill. Have a great time!

The forest has a lot of trees and Pixie knows them all very well, but at night, by magic some of them move from one place to another. Our cute fairy bumped into one of them by accident and now she needs a doctor. Go into the emergency room with Pixie and make sure she gets the right treatment. Have fun using all the awesome tools and eliminating germs by laser!

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