Pumpkin Monster GamePlay:

Having a pumpkin together brings you a lot of fun and relaxation in this game. Because around her a lot of Halloween monsters appeared. You need to stay calm and focus on the game Pumpkin Monster at zoxy3 games. Observe as well as use your skills to participate in this game to conquer them.

Please kill all the monsters that appear with your agility. Move and destroy the pitfalls ahead that hinder the movement. In the game poses with the smartest pumpkin. This is not an ordinary fighting game but it has a very ghostly graphic design by the theme of Halloween.

You will have a lot of satisfaction in participating in this quest. If you love adventure. Defeat many of the evil monsters hiding around. They appear according to each teammate. When you have the best control of the game? I believe that if you have skilled these monsters will be destroyed easily by you.

Move decisively like a true hero. Do not hesitate to perform the bravest attacks to survive the final in this land. Please kill them all with your weapon as you get to the next level.

Earning yourself some points, you can buy a few more sharp combat weapons and agility to not miss any with monsters. What do you hesitate without inviting your friends to join this game Pumpkin Monster at zoxy3 action games to become the winners of the fiercest Halloween matches ever.

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Control: use arrow keys and mouse to kill the enemies together.

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