Shot Trigger GamePlay:

Shot Trigger is an action online game with a very simple gameplay on http://zoxy3.net/. Your hero is running forward, and you are helping him save civilians and get rid of his enemies.

Once an enemy show up, the hero will jump up and the zoxy game will slow down. Your objective is to shoot at the right moment so that you kill your enemy. There can be more of them on one place, so be ready. If you manage to miss during the jump, the enemy will fire, and you’ll surely die. Aside from that you also have a limited number of bullets, so be sure to aim precisely. You can buy new weapons for the money that you earn.

Share with friends and feel like this game or other similar games like Turbo Stars. You will have the best solution for each game.

Our hero will rescue the civilians from the underworld. Can you help him?

So, good luck!