Slime Farm GamePlay:

Slime Farm is an incremental game of upgrade and levels. You start with a basic farm, but with enough upgrades you can grow it into something huge. Upgrade your fields and build bigger farms to increase your output. And remember, the more fields you have, the faster you can upgrade! How long can you keep these slime friends

We present you the game: Farm, about small and cute slimes! These adorable animals will fill your ranch and become great friends for you. The right strategy will allow you to quickly open every one of the cutest slimes. Gradually unlock new levels with new heroes. In this game, in addition to level improvements, you can increase the production level and get even more in-game currency.

We believe that you, as a skillful player, will bring down all the targets and conquer the game at Zoxy school games! Keep exploring more simulator games with other fun themes like Cheating Exam on our website without a single dollar! 

Instruction to play:

tap on the field with slices to speed up production, swipe on trucks to speed up sales.

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