Slope Run GamePlay:

Slope Run is inviting you to participate in an exciting journey to restore memories of a ball. The story starts when the ball which is actually an astronaut was on its way to explore new planets in the galaxy. Unfortunately, it had an accident and lost its memories.

Therefore, it decides to traverse different planets to regain its memories. The ball must go via the space tunnel to get to these worlds. It will come across a number of hazardous obstacles in this tunnel, including wobbly tiles and enormous leaps. Assist the ball in overcoming all obstacles so it may reach the planets and discover the following step's instructions. Good luck!

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Instruction to play:


- Press the up arrow key to jump.

- Press the left and right arrow keys to move left or right.


- Tap the up arrow on the screen to jump

- Tap the left and right arrows on the screen to move left or right.