Stack Master! GamePlay:


And again, the stack masters come to the start in the Stack Master. These races are slightly different from those. What you have already seen and participated in. Your runner is initially loaded with a small stack of tiles and is tied behind him. This is necessary because obstacles are already visible ahead - dangerous spikes and walls. To overcome them, it is necessary to build a bridge from the plates over the obstacle and calmly run along it.

There should be enough slabs to create a safe path. Further on the track, you can replenish the used tiles by collecting them directly from the road. The more tiles remain in the supply, the higher the hero will climb the finishing ladder in the Stack Master. Keep running against obstacles, traps and gaps with Stack Master! Collect the stacks on the way and build new roads and bridges for yourself! Play in dozens of different levels and try to make the highest scores!

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Game played with "MOUSE".