Stickmann Sports Badminton GamePlay:

Use your racket to hit the badminton balls to the side of your opponent. Transform into player characters and take on these challenges in the game Stickman Sports Badminton at Zoxy 3 sport games. Have fun accepting it in the task you need to perform.

Become a side player as your opponent. Your main goal is to hit the badminton forward of the opponent. Hit the hardest way so your opponent can't stop. Then you have brought yourself some points. You need to observe and catch the badminton balls from your opponent.

Do not miss any moves or you will lose points. When the ball falls to a side that the player cannot block. That person will be a loser and the opponent will get one point. So you need to try to hit the ball, do not go out, stay in the safe zone but make it difficult for the opponent.

This badminton game online will make you feel extremely interesting than the real badminton matches. Because it is simulated very interestingly with the best graphic design. You will find many options in this badminton quest. Will remove many different items and become the best badminton player in the rankings that no one can play against you.

Isn't it wonderful? But to do that, you need to have a certain skill. Use your ingenuity as well as your intelligence to respond quickly.

Looking for a good opportunity to attack your opponent together. Have fun with this badminton with your friends with the game Stickman Sports Badminton at Zoxy 3  Take part in a few other similar sports games Murder.io at http://zoxy3.net/

Control: Use the mouse to be able to attack the badminton to the opponent.

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