Tomb Runner Mobile GamePlay:

If you are a fan of Temple Run, you shouldn't miss this game. Tomb Runner Mobile is more challange, more interesting. It is what people comment for this zoxy game.

You won't be able to stop trying to beat your high score whenever you get the chance! The adventurer in this game is trying his hardest to find the treasure he wants and to escape from the tomb. It's your job to help him achieve this. With flaming statues, spiked barrels, impossibly tight gaps to slide through, the sharpest corners since Picasso did a self-portrait and death-defying leaps of faith this game has all of the excitement paired fast-paced action that you could ever need.

Come and join the battle with more games to show off your ability to shoot precisely. The best players will be the bravest and who can come up with the smartest strategies. However, we guarantee the fun moments and cool gameplay for free! Check out http://zoxy3.net!


The arrow keys on your keyboard choose what decisions your character makes.

Left will move your character to the left side of the track.

Right will move them to the right.

Up makes the character jump over the various obstacles and down makes the character slide underneath whatever is blocking your way.