World Of Fighters: Iron Fists GamePlay:

Welcome to World of Fighters: Iron Fists – a thrilling 3D online fighting game where the streets are anything but safe. Gangs and street thugs run rampant, but it’s time for some much-needed change. That’s where you and your crew come in – known as the “Iron Fists”, you operate outside the law to restore order to the chaos. At night, you are the law, and it’s up to you to clean up the city, take down the bosses, and emerge as the ultimate champion of the streets.

Streets are not safe. A lot of gang and street thugs are out there. It is time for some change! You are in a group called "Iron Fists" You operate outside the law. At night, you are the law! Clean the city, fight the boss, be the champion! Don't rush out of the racetrack and conquer all these tough races at zoxy 3 new games for a fun time!

Controlling key: 

Use arrow key to move Z to punch X to kick C to defend

Space to Jump Double tap left or right and z or x to perform special attack!

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