Zombie Madness GamePlay:

Coronavirus is spreading around the world. There has been an attempt to find a vaccine that can cure them. But a few years later the side effect of the vaccine was to turn humans into zombies. So you are a zombie who is infected with the virus.

Your goal in this game Zombie Madness at Zoxy3 games is to run to the locations of the people in this city to spread the viruses to them. Interesting, right? This is a great simulation game that you will be addicted from the first time you join. This human is running away from you.

So you need to pursue an extremely difficult chase. Run fast and move to the location where the people are and infect them. Then you have passed the level and unlocked many of the next levels ahead. The game offers many levels and requires you to have the most agile observation skill.

 Later the infection will be difficult, there will be obstacles to protect people. You need to try to do an excellent run. Don't miss out on anyone in this city. Try to infect everyone. This is a simulation game with a new gameplay that you should not miss a moment.

Let’s join in the game Zombie Madness at Zoxy3 games online for the best relaxation. What do you hesitate without inviting your friends to join the game to become the ones that can't master the best viruses in this city? You will have a lot more emotion by allowing yourself both and adding a few other similar fun game genres Princess Story Games at http://zoxy3.net/.

 Control: Use mouse to be able to move Zombie in the city.

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